Well, yesterday I had a birthday. I’m finally to the point where birthdays just don’t thrill me like they used to! Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for another year of life, and I’m VERY thankful to have friends and loved ones who are glad that I’m alive…I’m just tired of seeing those digits increase! Nevertheless, I’m 29 and proud of it!


I’m really thirty-something. Yes, let’s just ponder that for a moment. I never thought I’d make it to the thirties at all, because I just knew the Lord would return by now! I heard that preached almost every time I went to church as a youngster. But, He hasn’t come back and I’m still here, so I’m striving to use each and every day for Him. I am so thankful for my husband and children, my mother, my sister, my church family and my wonderful in-laws who made yesterday so wonderful. Many friends wrote on my Facebook page and wished me a happy birthday, and I received several cards from relatives far and near. Some of those friends I’ve met because of this blog. Let me say THANK YOU for being here! I’ve been “writing now” for almost seven years! I wouldn’t bother keeping up with it if it weren’t for you! ❤

The Lord allowed me to awake earlier than usual yesterday so I could enjoy every second of my birthday! It was a gorgeous, sunny day.

Terry took me shopping on Monday for my gift from him. He bought me some new sneakers and some new exercise clothes! That should make working out a little more fun…for a day or two. 😉



I really love my Nikes!


Matthew woke yesterday with the sniffles, so he climbed up in my lap and let me cuddle him for awhile. That was a great gift, since he’s growing up way too quickly!

When I logged in to my computer yesterday, I saw this:


I’m not sure if you can see it, but Google had a special “doodle” for a birthday! If you hovered over it, it said, “Happy birthday, Valerie!” I know it’s because I have a Google+ account, but it was very neat!


We did our school work as usual  yesterday, and Leslie started reading in history about one of my favorite people: Laura Ingalls Wilder!


Last week, my friend, Ava, surprised me with this Mary Engelbriet bag! (I just LOVE Mary’s art!) It says, “A True Friend is the Greatest of All Blessings”. Wow! It really made my day! It is now my new Sunday school bag. 🙂

I picked my favorite meal for my birthday: spaghetti (which Terry made!), garlic bread, salad and English peas, with Marie Callender’s Chocolate Satin Pie for dessert! Yes, I think I over did it on the calorie intake, but hey, it was my birthday! 😉

My church family has been so kind to me and made me feel so loved on my special day. Let me say, it’s a wonderful feeling to love and be loved back. I give praise to my Good Shepherd for being so tender with me.

Blessed beyond measure,


4 thoughts on “A Wonderful Birthday

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    You did have a happy day, and I’m glad. I love you.
    P.S. I hope Matthew feels better.


    1. Thank you! He is feeling better. Just allergies.


  2. Melanie Pledger says:

    I am so glad you had such a wonderful birthday!!! I wish I could have been there to help you celebrate.

    Love and miss you!!!


    1. Thank you! Me, too!


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