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Happy Birthday From The Rebellious One

Those who know me personally know this has been the hardest year of my life. I didn’t think I’d ever write again, especially here, but this is a special occasion, one which prompted me to blow off the dust and cobwebs here and give it a whirl. I’ve never experienced more heartache and loss than… Continue reading Happy Birthday From The Rebellious One

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Laci: Elegant at Eleven

Today is my darling Laci Elizabeth’s 11th birthday. It seems like only yesterday she was two, running around and singing. and talking and getting into things! She is growing into a lovely young lady and I’m so thankful for her spunk, spirit, and personality. Here’s a look back: Open-mouthed and bright-eyed at One! Transcribing at Two! 🙂… Continue reading Laci: Elegant at Eleven

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Lauren: Enthusiastic at Eighteen

I have officially raised a child to adulthood. If you think that’s because I’m some kinda smart lady, think again. Lauren Kassidy is my first child. She has borne the burden of my exceedingly high and unrealistic expectations. I didn’t really know what to expect from a baby, toddler, preschooler, elementary-schooler, middle-schooler, or high schooler… Continue reading Lauren: Enthusiastic at Eighteen

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Mitchell: Fantastic at Fifteen

Today, my son, Mitchell, turns fifteen years old. I am thankful for his smile, his exuberance, and his sweet spirit each day, but this year is extra special for me. I am so thankful to be getting to celebrate this birthday with him. On October 22, 2016, while out on one of his regular bike… Continue reading Mitchell: Fantastic at Fifteen

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Matthew: Sweet at Seven

Today is Matthew’s seventh birthday. I admit that his birthdays have been a tad harder for me emotionally because he is the last one. However, I get emotional over each of the children’s birthdays, especially the milestone ones, like one, two, three…wait a minute… okay. I get emotional about each one. Matthew has enjoyed being… Continue reading Matthew: Sweet at Seven

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Leslie Anne: Tremendous at Twelve

Today, our precious Leslie Anne turns 12 years old. I have had an emotional few weeks as I have prepared for Lauren’s graduation, Mother’s Day, and now Leslie’s birthday. I am trying to keep this quote by Dr. Suess in mind as I have culled through photographs and reflected on the past: “Don’t cry because… Continue reading Leslie Anne: Tremendous at Twelve

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Ten Years of Love & Laughter

My Laci Elizabeth turns ten years old today! Hard to believe my cuddly, sweet Laci is almost as tall as I, and already in the double digits! Laci has a very loving heart. She is always leaving me love notes in surprising places, like on my pillow or in my Bible. Just a few weeks… Continue reading Ten Years of Love & Laughter

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Seventeen and Sweet as Ever

Today, our sweet Lauren Kassidy turns 17. Lauren is our firstborn and has carried the burdens of that place in the family very well. She has set a good example for her siblings by being hard working, honest, and trustworthy. She has faced many challenges in her few years: six moves for one thing, and… Continue reading Seventeen and Sweet as Ever

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Another Milestone for Mitchell

Today, my firstborn son turns 14! I say it in every birthday post I write, but only because I realize it anew with each passing birthday, so here I go again: It seems like yesterday he was a tiny baby! I can still see his little body swaddled tightly in a baby blanket. Today, he… Continue reading Another Milestone for Mitchell