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I just wanted to post an update on my heart. I have received several encouraging words from friends who are praying. I just want to say thank you. Tests like these never seem important or scary when it’s on someone else. When it’s me, I’m a little concerned. I think we are all that way. I know you each have your own lives and problems to deal with, so the fact you are taking time out of your life to pray for me, means more than I can say. Words can not adequately describe my appreciation.

I finished wearing my heart monitor yesterday and mailed it back to the company. I went to the doctor’s office bright and early this morning for my echocardiogram, which is a fancy ultrasound of the heart. The lady who did the test was very kind. My follow up visit with the doctor is September 8, so I was concerned that I might have to wait that long for these results. “If they see something, they will call you today or tomorrow. If  I see something, I’ll get up and leave the room during the test and tell them.”  She got me hooked up and then told me I could go to sleep during the test if I wanted to. I said with a laugh, “Sorry, that won’t be happening. I couldn’t sleep last night, much less right now!” She laughed too. I asked if it was okay to talk during the test. And that’s pretty much what I did the entire 45 minutes.

At the end of the test she said, “I didn’t have to leave the room.”

“Yes, I noticed. I was watching carefully for that to happen.” I said with a smile.

I haven’t heard anything official on the any of the tests I’ve had done, but I am encouraged that at least there was nothing so serious that the sonographer had to call for backup.

Thanks for reading and, most of all, thanks for caring.


5 thoughts on “Echocardiogram

  1. That is very encouraging! I am very thankful for this blessing, and I thank God for all our doctors, nurses, and scientists who take care of us. Hallelujah!


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