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A Snapshot of School

Matt with the puzzle we did together.

In case any of you were wondering what our homeschooling day looks like, I thought I’d share a snippet.Yesterday, Leslie (4th grade) was taking a spelling test and Matthew (age 4) wasn’t really doing anything. I thought it would be fun to have him give the spelling test! Since he can’t read yet, I had to help him out. It made for a lot of laughs! This will be most enjoyed by our family. If you’re not related to us and you’re watching, I give you my heartfelt thanks.

One of the many reasons I love homeschooling is because we can learn together and in our own unique way.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for reading. ❤


5 thoughts on “A Snapshot of School

  1. That was cute! I love how he keeps kissing you. My youngest is super affectionate also, and I LOVE it! And playing with your hair…little boys are so fun!


  2. Thank you for sharing the video! It’s amazing how the simplest thing like just sharing those words with Matthew opens up and enhances HIS learning.


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