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New Video: Life of Fred Math

Today, I’m sharing a quick review of Life of Fred Math – Fractions, and Decimals & Percents. If you’re bored or discouraged with your current math program, Life of Fred may be just the change you need. If you find my videos helpful, please consider sharing and subscribing!   Thanks for watching!

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New Video: The Well-Planned Day Planner – A Review

Hey! I made a short video to share my favorite homeschooling – and life! – planner with you. I hope you enjoy it. Please “like” and “subscribe” on YouTube, if you can. My kids tell me this is important. 😁 Thanks for watching!


New Video: Books About Books – Part 2

Here’s my latest video. And yes, my kids have seen them and actually approve! Phew.😅 This video is a continuation of my previous one about books. It’s slightly longer, but hopefully with better information! I’m still very new at all of this, but I hope it helps another homeschooling mom out there. Thank you for… Continue reading New Video: Books About Books – Part 2


My Kids May Kill Me

I’ve been blogging for almost ten years. I’ve got Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But I’d never tried making a a YouTube video, well, not counting all the videos of my kids saying and doing adorable things. During a recent hunt for curriculum reviews, I realized that videos are a faster and more interesting way to… Continue reading My Kids May Kill Me