As I was wrapping up our school week recording grades, attendance and filing papers, I realized that it was our 100th day of school for the year! Due to all the preparation for our Bible conference this weekend, I hadn’t even noticed. If I had been paying attention, we would have done something special. Then I realized that hosting a British preacher and hearing about life in England and Italy (where he currently lives), has been pretty special. Bro. Nixon and his wife graciously brought us Italian goodies, which we have devoured, and souvenirs, which we will treasure always. His sermon on Wednesday night was such a blessing to my heart, and to the children’s hearts. The truth is, I couldn’t have chosen a better, more fantastic way to celebrate 100 days of learning if I’d tried!

I did manage to take a picture to memorialize the occasion, though. I asked them show me “excited”, and this is what I got:


Yep. Crazy, aren’t they? We know which side of the family that comes from don’t we? (wink wink)

I hate to rush off, but I have so much to do. I’ve got Cream Cheese Chicken Chili in the crock pot, a blueberry crunch cake in the oven and lots more to do before our services tonight. And I can’t wait to get to the Lord’s house!

Thanks for dropping by. Lord willing, I’ll be back Monday.


3 thoughts on “100 Days

  1. Catherine says:

    Cute! I haven’t thought of having a celebration for 100 days of homeschooling before. Maybe next year we can start the tradition. Good luck with your conference!


    1. Thank you, Catherine!

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  2. Carolyn Courtney says:

    I love the photo. It definitely says, “Excited” Of course, I don’t have a grandchild who can take a bad picture; they are all just too cute, handsome, and photogenic!

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