Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad. ~ Proverbs 12:25

I suppose it isn’t necessary to share this, but words are important to me. I relish each moment that I am able to communicate face-to-face with someone. My heart soars when I read a love note from my husband. I enjoy spending evenings -and sometimes days – reading quality literature. And of course, I thrill at the thought of getting to put my own words down on paper, or a screen in this case. It makes sense that of all the ways in which to communicate love and understanding, the written – or spoken – word is the fastest way to cheer my heart.

A few days ago, I was feeling disheartened. I prayed about it and tried to leave it with the Lord. Just hours later, I received a text message from a friend, just asking how I was and letting me know she was praying for me. For me! I was so thrilled! It was the Lord answering my weary heart’s prayer. He was saying, “Keep going. You are not alone.” I hate to admit it, but sometimes I do feel alone. Some personalities are prone to depression and I suppose I hit the jackpot. In those times I pray, and trust God with my tiny mustard-seed faith. And words also help me a lot. Whether I’m writing them, speaking them, hearing them or reading them, they are the thing that makes my heavy heart glad. No other words edify me more than God’s Words. I want to pass along good words today, and share God’s Words with others. I want to make a sad heart glad, just as the Lord has done for me.


4 thoughts on “Proverbs 12: How to Make a Sad Heart Glad

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    I don’t recall that we have ever gone through the book of Proverbs and told each other which verse is a favorite, so it is fun to see how many of the ones you have chosen are the same ones I have selected.
    There have been a few times when a clerk, a cashier, or a customer in a store has given me a compliment, and it just brightens my day so much! Once, a stranger stopped me in Big Lots and asked me who did my hair because it looked so pretty. I was totally caught by surprise, and those words gladdened my heart.
    I want to remember to give out good words to the people I love and know, but also to the strangers I pass each day.



    1. I guess great minds think alike! 😉


  2. Stephanie A says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m behind in this study, but I am working on catching up. It has been such a blessing to me! In my Bible, “heaviness” had a footnote of “anxiety” for this verse which caught my eye. It reminded me of your blog post on anxiety/worry in which you shared what you had learned…we can choose to think anxious thoughts, or ones that are “honest, pure, lovely..”(Phil. 4:8). We can choose to be cheerful in our own hearts and minds. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Valerie!


    1. Thank you so much for sharing that! What a blessing! Your good words mean so much to me. 🙂


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