Beside my desk is a stack of used textbooks. It seems like yesterday…okay, like last month, that those books were brand new. I’ve been throwing away the empty test and quiz booklets all week. On Monday, Lauren will be taking her final Algebra II test, and Mitch and Leslie will also being taking finals in math. Then it’s over. Laci finished up all of her books yesterday. I am now in full swing in planning our next adventure, I mean, school year.

In the midst of this craziness, I managed to sprain my ankle. On Tuesday, I did my normal morning run around 7 AM. At about 10 AM that day, I noticed sharp pain in my right ankle. I figured I was just sore. But the pain got worse and worse until I could barely walk. The next day it was no better. I headed to the doctor who informed me that I’d sprained it. I told him that I hadn’t tripped or fallen or twisted my ankle in any way. He said, “It’s all just part of seasoning.” That was his nice way of saying, “You’re gettin’ old, sister!” *sigh* The good news is that it should heal on its own if I follow the RICE method: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.  I’ve been doing it as much as I can. It seems to be improving, though I admit I’ve been afraid to walk on it very much.


Some of you might remember that we were blessed to have our master bathroom remodeled in December. The job wasn’t finished at that time, so the workers came yesterday to start on the next phase, which is the installing of our new door! Here are some before photos:



Here’s the progress from Friday (we hope this phase will be completed on Monday):




This view is from inside the shower area. I’m looking forward to having this wall finished. 😉

The last phase will be completing the tile on the wall and on the floor. It’s getting close!

In other family news. . .

  • Lauren just completed Driver’s Ed and got her learner permit!


A selfie before her first driving practice!


There she goes! Her first time out was in the rain, so she had a tough fist day. The second day was cloudy, but no rain, so that was much better. Upon completion of driver’s ed, passing a reading test and submitting several forms of ID, she earned her PERMIT!


I’m not sure why she didn’t smile for the license photo. She told her dad it was something about “crushing stereotypes”. All I can say is this girl is ALL Basham! I love it!


She is a careful driver. *insert huge sigh of relief*

  • The boys got haircuts yesterday. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo. They just look adorable – yes, even my almost-13-year-old boy looks adorable! (Says his completely UNbiased mother. *wink wink*)



Mitch had to get on his knees for the photo since I’ve been limited. I guess he’s trying to crush stereotypes too?

We’ve also been busy with recitals and soccer, but I’ll save those for another day.

  • Oh! I forgot to share a photo of my Mother’s Day flowers with you. My family is so wonderful to me. They gave me flowers, candy, cards, and Terry bought us all my favorite food for supper – Burger King.


 Notice my smile – not the stereotypical “Mother’s Day grin”, but from a heart bursting with joy.


One thought on “Work in Progress

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    Wow, lots of news! I’m sorry to hear about your sprained ankle. I pray you will heal quickly and before your trip to North Carolina and Ohio. Congratulations to Lauren, and the boys do look very handsome. I like the stereotypical smiles. :0) You look beautiful in your photo and so do your flowers.
    I love you.


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