We began the week with a great shock. Last Sunday, the Labor Commissioner for Oklahoma, Mark Costello, was tragically murdered by his son, Christian. He was stabbed to death at a Braum’s restaurant in Oklahoma City. We didn’t know Mr. Costello, but we know some people who were close to him. They have had only kind things to say about him. We did have the opportunity to meet him at the Stephens County GOP Fish Fry last May. Our hearts ache for his wife and four other children as they laid him to rest last week and who now must watch as their son and brother is prosecuted for this crime. It came to light that Christian suffered with mental illness. Mr. Costello and his wife have tried to help him in that fight for many years. It just goes to show that everyone – even those who walk in the marble halls of the state capitol – have burdens that are hard to bear. We should take every opportunity to show kindness, to offer a helping hand, and most of all, to share the Gospel with those we meet.

unnamed (7)

Mark Costello and Leslie, Laci and Matt at the fish fry last May. Mr. Costello gave out the cute elephant hats that the kids are wearing.

We began another busy week of school, which included the beginning of volleyball and the second week of band. Mitch is getting to play volleyball for the first time this year and so far, he likes it. Lauren is really enjoying playing in band. I’m so thankful for the many opportunities the kids have here in Oklahoma. We homeschool our children so that they can learn the Word of God and Christian values in their curriculum, not to isolate them from the world. However, there are many activities that require a large number of people in order to do them, like sports. I’m so thankful for our homeschool group leaders who make these activities available for us.

The little girls made me smile this week with this Lego version of their dad:

unnamed (8)

unnamed (3)

Matt enjoyed using play-dough in phonics time to make some letters. Here’s his “I”. He also made “U” and “E”.

unnamed (4)

In our school, we believe the Bible should be studied by adults, children AND stuffed animals. πŸ˜€ Matt arranged his bear this way to wait for him to finish his work. *Awwww!*

unnamed (5)

I use these felt pieces to teach patterns and practice counting with Matthew. Laci used them to create a felt masterpiece!

unnamed (6)

When Matt gets a little unruly in school, I just shove him in this cabinet.

I’m *just kidding*.

We celebrated Lauren’s birthday on Thursday. Hard to believe I’m old enough to have a sixteen year old! She sure is a blessing to her mom.


Her giant cookie decorated in orange and black – OSU colors!


Leslie gave her a note and a tract that looks like money. She said, “You’re worth a million!”


Matt drew her a picture, and enjoyed eating his portion of the cookie, as you can see!


We gave her a season of The Big Valley, because that’s what she asked for. She sure is easy to please! And I can’t think of a better role model than Victoria Barkley. πŸ˜‰

By the end of the week, I was pretty wiped out. I have been losing my voice a little each day, which for some reason, seemed to please my entire family (?), so by Friday I was tired. I decided to retreat to my “happy place”, Mayberry, North Carolina. “The Pickle Story” puts a smile on my face every time I see it!

unnamed (2)

We had a wonderful day in church today. Great spirit, great singing, and of course, great preaching from my pastor, and even from my Sunday school teacher! [That’s an inside joke. πŸ˜‰ ] I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be in this place. I still struggle with loneliness and homesickness from time to time, but when I do, the Lord reminds me of the wonderful people here that I am blessed to serve God with. I sure do thank the Lord for them. In fact, I think they are the sweetest people on Earth.

I hope you all have a great week. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for my “Theological Term of the Week”! I’m sure you’re wishing I’d go ahead and post it now, but patience is a virtue.

Thanks for reading,


One thought on “Week Two is Finally Through

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    You certainly had a full week of sadness and joy, tears and smiles. I love all the photos. Lauren is so beautiful and has a radiant smile. I love her cookie; it is so pretty. Matthew is delightful. My only regret in seeing the photos is that it makes me very lonesome to see everyone in person. Digital is the next best thing!
    I hope your voice has returned and your week will go smoothly.
    I love you.


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