I still receive enough “unhappy” mail (“hate” is too strong a word) regarding the Doctrines of Grace that I find myself defending the Gospel in conversations that need no defense. In other words, I am starting to take the slightest negative comment on Twitter, email, or Facebook to be an all-out assault against Grace, when it isn’t. I know I need to relax, and I am trying. It’s a hard thing for someone with my high-strung personality, but with God, all things are possible.

My husband recently preached a wonderful Gospel message at our church. Most, if not all, of my husband’s sermons are Gospel ones, but this one was particularly powerful. I hope that whether you consider yourself a friend or foe of the Doctrines of Grace, you’ll give this a listen. A dream come true would be that all of my friends, especially those who have written me, would listen to this. If you do, I think you’ll see that we are not heretics or fatalists or idiots. Well, we might be idiots, but not because of what we believe about the Bible. 😉

So, are you willing to hear the Gospel? If you’re a Christian, you should be, as the song says, “hungering and thirsting to hear it like the rest;” Ah yes, I love to hear the Gospel! I hope you do, too. Most of all, I hope you believe the Gospel – salvation by grace alone.

Here’s the link:

Beware – God is Coming!

And for more sermons, click HERE.


2 thoughts on “For My Critics: The Gospel

  1. Tori says:

    Valerie, I’m so sorry that you’re getting so much negative mail for your stand. With anything in life when we make a decision to stand where we feel God would want us too it sometimes divides us. I applaud you for standing on what you believe and I’m so sorry for anyone that would be hateful in response to your stand. Doctrine is such an important part of the Christian life that I’m sure you can see how it would and should divide. Division is not a bad thing, contempt and a hateful spirit are. You’re response is gracious and I hope those that would be venomous will respond in a like manner. I still completely disagree with your stand on salvation but I’m thankful that we each have a free will to believe what we like. Thank you for responding in such a gracious way.


  2. Tori Landis (Porter) says:

    Thank you for your blog Valerie as well as the stand you and your family has always taken on Salvation and the Bible. Your parents taught all of you all what mattered most in the life. I’m so grateful to have known them and to been a part of The Courtney’s home and ministry. They taught me that no matter where a person comes from be kind and always share the gospel. It’s something I share with my children now. Your words are always such an encouragement me and the Lord sends them at the right time for myself and others. Thank you for always standing. Tell you mom hi and Kevin and Kathy the same ❤️ Tori


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