I love making lists! I write lesson plans each week, a menu, a grocery list, a to-do list on Saturdays (or any day that is different from the norm), a prayer list, and even lists for Sunday school songs. I just like to write things down, and in the case of to-do lists, cross things off. I read a research study long time ago that said when you cross something off of a list, it releases a tiny amount of endorphins, which is the “feel good” hormone. And I really like feeling good.

I decided I would make a list of things I’d like to incorporate into my life each day. Some of these I’ve been doing for years, some are new. Here’s my list:

Every day I want to:

  • Read my Bible and pray
  • Write for ten minutes
  • Read a portion of a book (besides the Bible), even if it’s only one chapter or a few pages
  • Write down what I eat

Each week I want to:

  • Write one blog post (or more)
  • Exercise three times (or more)
  • Do something fun with my husband

I know that we are over a week into the new year already, but since I have had company until recently, I feel that my new year is just beginning.

How about you? Do you have lists, or goals, for each day? Please share them!



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