On Thursday, March 3, my youngest child, Matthew, started running a high fever. On that same day, Lauren began having very bad cold symptoms. We took Matt to the doctor and found out that he had an ear infection. Lauren, we thought, was improving, but it was a temporary improvement. Pretty soon after that, the whole family started feeling horribly. When it was all said and done, the kids had missed a whole week of school.

Way back in early February, my husband purchased two tickets to hear Sandi Patty in concert on her farewell tour. The concert was on Friday, March 4. Terry had seen an ad for the tour and knew that I had been a huge fan of Ms. Patty when I was a teenager. He even got us VIP tickets, so that we could attend a special Q & A with Sandi, get a free album, and front row seats. Well, when Matthew got so sick, and my babysitter, Lauren, got sick, I knew that the concert wasn’t going to happen. It was an hour away, and since I do not have any family nearby, there was no one to watch the sick ones at home. It was a disappointment. My husband, once again, was so thoughtful. That Friday, when everyone was sick and when we should have been attending the concert, he worked from home. He helped me take temperatures, get ice water, bring meals to the sick ones and well, he just stayed close. He even bought us some special takeout for supper that night.

I know you have heard the adage, “It’s the thought that counts”, and I really understand what that means now. Even though I missed the concert and my chance of meeting Sandi Patty, I was blessed by my husband’s consideration. He thought about me, and acted upon those thoughts when he purchased the tickets. He knew what I liked and planned a fun outing for the two of us. Nothing can diminish the beauty of his gift – not even the fact that it all fell through. I also still have the tickets. Maybe I’ll laminate one for a bookmark? (I do love to laminate!)

I am thankful that we have such a wonderful church that is able to pay Terry a full time salary. When the bottom dropped out of our weekend, my husband was able to rearrange his schedule and work from our kitchen table. This would not have been possible if he had to work an extra job on top of his church work.

Another blessing is that our children were not terribly ill. It was just bronchitis and ear infections. It could have been worse.

I have peace in knowing that God orders the events of my life; that even something as minor as a concert is in His control.

With love,


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