This week’s term: Prevenient Grace – Originally an Arminian (semi-*Pelagian) doctrine claiming a grace bestowed upon our depraved nature, which allowed us to cooperate with God in our salvation. They held that such a grace was demanded by divine justice. Wesley modified the theory, attempting to remove some of the Pelagian philosophy, yet it remained heresy, only slightly improved. The term is sometimes used today (perhaps unwisely) in a good and Biblical sense, intended to describe the restraining portions of God’s activity in predestination, such as in the case of Abimelech (Genesis 20:4-6)

* Note: Pelagius (c. 360-418) taught that man was inherently capable of doing right or wrong, that it was possible for him to live a sinless life, and that some men had actually done so.

Last week’s term: Foreknowledge – (Greek – prog-no-sis) Foreordination, or the eternal loving knowledge or intent, according to which God purposes to bring His elect into the glory of His Son.


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