I just had to drop in and write about the Tecarta Bible App available from the Apple store. I paid about $4.99 for my app which uses the King James Version, but there is also a version that is free. I use it on my iPhone and iPad mini. It’s a good Bible app, very easy to use, with lots of highlighting and note-taking capabilities. But the main thing I wanted to share about it is the dramatized reading available on the app! It’s a new feature with which I have fallen in love! It used to only offer a computer-type voice reading the text. It now offers a distinct reading of the scriptures with background music and actors to portray the different parts. There is a voice for David, another for Jonathan, and so forth.

I have enjoyed listening to the dramatized reading while following along in my Bible (I like using the M’Cheyne Bible reading plan). It has really helped me to listen closer, and it’s made the Word of God seem more alive. It’s also nice to have someone else pronounce all the proper names in the Bible. 😉

With love,


One thought on “The Tecarta Bible App

  1. elnasmith says:

    Never heard of this app…gotta check it out for myself. Thanks for sharing.


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