This week’s term: Salvation – Deliverance. The word properly carries with it the general and composite effect of all its various aspects, such as redemption, reconciliation, regeneration, calling, preservation, perseverance, and glorification. The word, in its general sense, should not be confused as being inherently synonymous with any of the words describing particular details thereof.

Last week’s term: ¬†Sanctification – The state of being sanctified, or holy. Scripturally, this state of the believer is to be seen in two different aspects or senses:

Positional Sanctification: That is the position of holiness, innocence, and perfection, which we have in the sight of God, through the imputed righteousness of Christ.
Practical Sanctification: The realized and progressive growth in grace, which we have in the sight of ourselves and others, as a result of the imparted righteousness of Christ.


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