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I Slept Through the Winter Games

I was just outside photographing a few wintry scenes in my yard. We are getting more snow as I type! I love the snow! I grew up in the south where it rarely made an appearance. I suppose you have to have that background to truly appreciate snow – even a dusting! – as much… Continue reading I Slept Through the Winter Games

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The Lord’s Protection

As I was working last Tuesday, I heard a loud cracking sound outside. I then heard yelling children. Lauren said, “I’m so glad Matthew was over by the swing!” I looked out the window of my bathroom and saw the large tree limb that had fallen. It was a dead limb, left over from the… Continue reading The Lord’s Protection

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Blessings from the Father

I’m striving to keep Christ the focus of my life always, but especially this time of year. I can’t help but feel the pressure: decorating, baking, traditions and memories, shopping, wrapping, making gifts for church and the mother of them all – financial stress! Yesterday, I was rushing about getting things ready for our church… Continue reading Blessings from the Father

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Thanks for the Memories

We finally endured something that we’ve been dreading for about a year now. A good family in our church, with five children, moved to Oklahoma this last weekend. It’s been particularly hard on my son. He has so enjoyed having three boys to play with! Lauren is taking it hard, but not as hard as… Continue reading Thanks for the Memories