Missing a Great Man

As I mentioned in a previous post, my family and I do our best to go back to my home in Arkansas every Thanksgiving. We then travel from Benton to Batesville, where my mom’s family lives. My Uncle Gary still farms my grandparents’ farm there with my cousin, Don. It is also where my dad… Continue reading Missing a Great Man


Memories, the Treasure of the Heart

Nine years ago today, my dad was ushered into the presence of Christ. It awes me still to think of what that moment must have been like! I remember driving to church that Wednesday evening while he was in surgery at the Arkansas Heart Hospital, unable to be by his side. I remember wanting to… Continue reading Memories, the Treasure of the Heart

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For Dad

Me and my partner, 1983. We are getting ready to head out to Fort Sill today to witness to our wonderful military men and women stationed there. It is Father’s Day tomorrow, as well as what would have been my parents’ wedding anniversary. My dad went to heaven on July 29, 2004, and on that… Continue reading For Dad

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I Love This Picture

Not too long ago, my mom shared a few old photos with me. A former teacher at Jessieville Elementary school sent her some extra snapshots of Mom’s going away party when she resigned as principal there. (The theme was “Mayberry”, since Mom is a huge fan of The Andy Griffith Show.) As I flipped through… Continue reading I Love This Picture

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History Lover

I have vivid memories of lying on the big bed in my parents’ room, which was right beneath two large windows, looking at books of Presidents. There was one book in particular, a large, red book from the library that I enjoyed the most. It had a good two or three pages on each President… Continue reading History Lover

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My Parents’ Love

I got my rings repaired last week. My wedding rings had gotten too small – a half size too small – thanks to my last pregnancy. Or maybe it was thanks to fifteen years and five pregnancies? Anyway, it was so exciting to get them repaired! The pink heart ring was given to me by… Continue reading My Parents’ Love


The Best Way to Learn a Bible Verse

I read this verse this morning in my devotions. It was already underlined, for it is very precious to me. I decided to copy it into my journal because I love it so much. As I started to write it, I realized I knew it already. I double checked myself, but yes, I knew it.… Continue reading The Best Way to Learn a Bible Verse