Not too long ago, my mom shared a few old photos with me. A former teacher at Jessieville Elementary school sent her some extra snapshots of Mom’s going away party when she resigned as principal there. (The theme was “Mayberry”, since Mom is a huge fan of The Andy Griffith Show.) As I flipped through the photos, this one stopped me cold. I have many pictures up of my dad, but since I see them everyday, I’ve become numb to their affect. I suppose I’m desensitized a bit. But when I saw this picture, I felt tears form behind my eyes, and my throat got tight. Waves of sadness washed over me and I grieved for a few moments the loss of my dad all over again. Here is the picture:

Do you see the love and admiration for my mom in his eyes? He would look at Mom as well as each of his children that way. Do you see the respect he has for my mother? He respected women – he wasn’t threatened by them. He never beat my mom or threw “temper tantrums”. Do you see the genuine gladness on his face? That is how he looked every day of my life.

I saw this photo and, for just second, he was alive again. He was laughing and talking and enjoying his family. He is now enjoying the glow of the Savior’s love in Heaven; he is in the very presence of God! Because of my parents’ testimony, I trusted Christ as my Savior, too. I will see him again. But until then, I will thank God for these two amazing people that I am blessed to call Mom and Dad.

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