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This Seems Familiar

Here is a photo of Terry doing a major re-model on our master bathroom in 2007 when we lived in Burnet, Texas. It was a big job, and one which we didn’t have quite enough money to do right (it was a parsonage). In the end, we weren’t too happy with it. I believe the… Continue reading This Seems Familiar

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My Flower Bed and Poison Oak

Back in July, (remember, I said I was very behind in posting!) we began trying to fix up the flower bed in the front yard. It led to my getting a nasty case of poison oak. I knew to watch out for poison ivy, because I’d gotten a severe case of that after we moved… Continue reading My Flower Bed and Poison Oak

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Our "New" Bathroom

One thing my hubby and I tackled while I was away from blog-world, was our hallway bathroom. This is the bathroom our guests use, as well as our kids. I wanted to brighten it up a bit, so I chose a light yellow, semi-gloss paint. We also got a new shower curtain, that was more… Continue reading Our "New" Bathroom

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Turning 30, Spring Fever, and A Few Other Things…

These are the beautiful flowers that my Mom sent me. The card said “From someone who is praying for you”, but was unsigned. I knew who had sent them. She is so thoughtful. They were delivered to our church during our Bible Study. It started my 30th year off in a wonderful way, and it… Continue reading Turning 30, Spring Fever, and A Few Other Things…