Spring Soccer {2016}

We just finished our spring soccer season at the end of May. The kids love the fun of getting exercise, practicing a sport, and, of course, seeing their friends. Here are a few photos of our season: All ready to play! Mitch was goalie for a while. Sister (74) against brother. Lauren and Mitch were… Continue reading Spring Soccer {2016}


Another Year of Learning

It’s hard to believe that we are done with yet another school year. This one has been particularly difficult for me. Last year I had one in Kindergarten, one almost finished with school, and three grades in between. I felt overwhelmed for most of the school year and never really found my “groove”. Matthew needed… Continue reading Another Year of Learning

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Maintaining a High View of God at Home

The status on Facebook said something like, “Aced my exam, bills paid, gas in the car, thanks, Big Guy.” I cringe at the words  even now as I see them on the screen. It hurt me to read it all those years ago, and it hurts me still. The girl who wrote it was trying… Continue reading Maintaining a High View of God at Home


Homeschooling Halftime

It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through the school year! It has been a busy one. Lauren is doing well with her work. She is not a fan of American History, but has conceded that she enjoys using Notgrass History more than Abeka. She is using Abeka for literature, and even though she’d… Continue reading Homeschooling Halftime

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Lauren’s First Band Concert

I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again – I am so grateful for the opportunities the Lord has given our family in Oklahoma! Lauren had her first band concert today with the Texhoma Homeschool Bands! Lauren took trumpet lessons for a year, beginning last year, and we have been with the homeschool band since August.… Continue reading Lauren’s First Band Concert


The ABC’s of Our First Week

The first week of our school year is officially in the books. And, may I pause here and shout for joy? I have to say, I didn’t really think I’d make it! At least, not with my sanity in tact. Let’s take it alphabetical order, shall we? (Don’t worry, we won’t do all 26.) C… Continue reading The ABC’s of Our First Week