We just completed our third season of soccer with our homeschool group. It was a great year. Each of the kids enjoyed practicing and seeing friends. Terry got to coach the U10 group this season, and he absolutely loved it!

I loved getting to watch and cheer.

And take pictures.


This year, our homeschool group was able to get jerseys for soccer! Matt’s age group is still too small for jerseys, but he’ll be there soon enough. We had more blue than red in our family this year.


On the day of Matt’s game, he wasn’t feeling well. I think it bothered him that I was there to watch him play and take photos. Anyway, for whatever reason, he didn’t want to play, so this is the only photo I got of him that day.


Laci and Leslie were against each other for their big game. It was the same day as Matthew’s game, so he came over and cheered for them. Laci enjoyed being the goalie for part of the game.



Leslie (in the white headband) is running with determination.

Β Laci

Laci is no slouch on the soccer team, either. She’s wearing an Army USO bandanna for a headband. I love her style.


As the “unofficial” U10 photographer, I got to take photos of the whole group. They are sweet kiddos.


The red team won!


The blue team was defeated by only one point, and that point was scored in the final seconds of the game! Both teams played very well.


Thank you to our coaches and players for a great fall season of U10 soccer!


I wasn’t able to be at Mitchell’s big game, but Terry took photos for me and I was there in spirit. Unfortunately, Terry isn’t as “shutter happy” as I am, so there weren’t many photos of his game. From the few photos I have, it looks like he played his heart out.

Mitch-kick mitch-blue



Lauren loves soccer. She is a great goalie. She was ready for the ball in this photo, but she *just* missed it. It was a big disappointment.


She takes the game very seriously. Here she is despairing over the point the blue team scored. I assured her it’s a team sport; that the ball got past at least two defenders before it got to her. But she’s a perfectionist, which means that she’s hard on herself.

LK-Run Lk-kick2 Lk-kick feet-LK goalie-LK LK-work

She took several falls like this on game day, but she did’t get hurt. I wasn’t even worried because I know how tough she is. Tough physically, and strong emotionally. She must get those qualities from her dad, because I’m kind of a weakling. She definitely gave the red team all that she had.


Laci encouraging Lauren at half-time.

This last photo sums up what I think a family is, or should be. Your family should be there to pick you up when you’re down and cheer for you when you’re up. I hope that’s what our family will always be.

Thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Soccer {Autumn 2014}

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    I’m so glad you captured those thrilling moments. Fantastic photos! I wish I could have witnessed the games in person, but this was the next best thing.
    Congratulations, kiddos! You did your best, and it shows
    I love you.


    1. Thanks, Mom! πŸ™‚


  2. Amanda Tyler says:

    I think it’s great that your kids have the chance to play sports and interact with others. My boys are just dying to play on a soccer team. Maybe someday we’ll have that opportunity!


    1. I’m surprised that they don’t have the chance, since Brazil is “football central”. πŸ™‚ Our kids would like to play more than sixteen weeks a year. They have really grown to love it.


  3. Kristy Jo says:

    Great pics. Your kids are getting SO big..a nd they all look SO much alike!
    So cute


    1. Thanks, Kristy Jo! They are growing up so quickly.


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