This will be my last post until November 26th. I will be leaving to go home on Monday to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my Mom and my sister and her family. I am really excited about it.
Thanksgiving often gets overlooked. We are all in such a rush to get to Christmas that we forget about the sacrifices the Pilgrims made so long ago that have made our lives possible. God’s grace alone saw them safely over to the New World from Holland aboard the Mayflower. It was no wonder they knelt immediately at Plymouth Rock to give Him thanks. When they arrived, and nearly froze to death or died of starvation, it was God alone who kept them alive. It was God who allowed them to meet the Indians that helped them that first year. What if they had isolated themselves from the Indians because they were “different”? They would’ve starved to death for sure. They showed thankfulness to the Indians by inviting them for a big feast – sharing in the bounty that God so graciously provided.

We live today in a world that’s very different from the Pilgrims’ day. Kids don’t know how to say “thank you.” Most people don’t send written thank you notes for gifts anymore. What has happened? Have we no time to be thankful for that which God has given us? I hope I don’t become captive to the attitude of “un-thankfulness.” I want to always remember to thank God, and others, for the kindness they show me. As I consider all He’s given me, my heart is full and overflowing. I’d like to share some of the blessings for which I am thankful:

My Parents, Ron and Carolyn Courtney, for looking to the cross when trials came into our lives and making Christ so real to me. For staying faithful to a church that was falling apart, all the while trusting God to send His man, which He did! For not quitting no matter what happened. My Mother used to quote from Job,”Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”

My Salvation – God graciously convicted me of my sin on June 12, 1993, and I accepted His gift.

My Husband – A man who loves the Lord, and me. His humility has enabled him to have a walk with the Lord that few can have. He is a loving and encouraging companion as I walk life’s road.

My Children – Why would God allow someone like me to be a mother? And not once, but four times? He is so merciful and loving to me.

My Church – We waited for seven years on God’s perfect will for a church to pastor, and on Sept. 11, 2005, God answered! He had a people and a place that He was preparing just for us. What if we hadn’t waited on Him?

My Friends- I don’t have a vast number of friends, but I have some faithful friends. Friends who have known me for years, and like me anyway. You are a gift – thank you.

My relationship with the Lord – He has provided for me when no one else could. He has listened to me when no one else would. He’s given me strength to stand against wrong and He’s been by my side when I stood all alone. He has kept every promise. He’s never let me down. I’ve not always understood His ways, but I’ve always known He was with me through every trial. He speaks to me, He isn’t just a God who lives way out in the galaxy – He’s my very best friend.
Those I’ve led to the Lord – I’ve led many people to Christ, and that is a blessing. We are only commanded to go, not win them, so to see some saved is a bonus.

Yes, as the song says: “I’ve got so much to thank Him for.”

3 thoughts on “My Heart Is Full, and Overflowing

  1. Mother says:

    Beautiful message! God doesn't just give us little piddling blessings, He daily LOADS us with benefits!
    Love you.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You are so right. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and yet it is overlooked. I pray my children are learning to be thankful all year long. We must develop an attitude of gratitude.

    I can't wait to see you,


  3. Hi!
    The kids and I went out to Wal-mart and picked all the fall flowers. The scarecrows we're on sale at Dollar General for a $1 each. For all of it I spent $15. I love to bargain shop. That's why I didn't go with my husband. lol
    I hope you have a splendid Thanksgiving with your Family and with all the family back in Arkansas. Much Love and Prayers to you. Tell your Husband to put the peddle to the medal. Oh Wait! Maybe keep the rubber side down.
    ~Happy Thanksgiving~


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