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Vintage Valerie: Lauren and More

As I mentioned in my last post, I had several photos of Lauren that I wanted to share, but they would have exceeded my self-imposed fifteen photo limit. I thought I’d fit in with “Throwback Thursday” and share some of them today…along with a few others I came across. 🙂   I was so excited… Continue reading Vintage Valerie: Lauren and More

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Vintage Valerie: Lawrence, Kansas

Today is “Throw Back Thursday”, so I’m throwing it back to 2004. Here are a few random photos I uncovered of our time in Lawrence, Kansas. 🙂 My little Lauren and Mitchell, ages 5 and 2, with their first snowman! How small they once were! Mitchell “reading”. 🙂 Out cold and covered up. Look at… Continue reading Vintage Valerie: Lawrence, Kansas

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Vintage Valerie: Leslie’s Birth

Today, my precious Leslie Anne turns eight years old! I have never gotten to share her newborn baby photos before because I couldn’t find them! I searched high and low a few months before we moved and finally uncovered them! *whew* I was so worried that this special day would be saved only in my… Continue reading Vintage Valerie: Leslie’s Birth

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Vintage Valerie: More Florida

I recently found a few other photos that should have been on my first VV: Florida post. I wanted to include them here. Just as I was about to take Kevin and Stephen’s photo, Mitchell (age 1) ran up and hugged Uncle Kevin’s legs! It startled him, thus we have the above expression. I kinda like… Continue reading Vintage Valerie: More Florida

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Vintage Valerie: Florida

 On April 17, 2004, my little family and I flew to Orlando, Florida, to surprise my brother for his 25th anniversary of Gospel ministry. We “hid out” that Saturday at a rented house and showed up at his services the next day, April 18. My parents had arranged for all of us to be together,… Continue reading Vintage Valerie: Florida

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Vintage Valerie: Random Photos in Topeka

Today on “Vintage Valerie”, I’m sharing some miscellaneous photos from our time in Topeka, Kansas. I hope you enjoy them – I sure have. 🙂  Granddad giving Lauren a piggy back ride. My little cowgirl – she has always loved western things, and guns and knives! Aw, she let me fix her hair! Cutie pie.… Continue reading Vintage Valerie: Random Photos in Topeka

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Vintage Valerie: A Trip North

In 2004, we took a trip to northeastern Missouri to candidate at a church. We didn’t travel too often in those days, so this trip was a big deal. This seems like a lifetime ago! Here are Lauren and Mitch at the hotel. Lauren left that stuffed dog at a restaurant on this trip, and… Continue reading Vintage Valerie: A Trip North