Theological Term of the Week: Allegory

This week’s term: Allegory – An actual Bible event, such as the birth and standing of Abraham’s sons, used to illustrate, and give detail to, a deeper truth or doctrine. Last week’s term: Metaphor – A familiar item, word, or title used to illustrate a personal attribute, a truth, or a relationship.

family-scrapbook - Lauren · homeschooling

Sighing and Smiling

It’s time to prepare for next school year here at Sovereign Grace Academy, that’s the name we gave our school for Lauren’s diploma. Yes, my firstborn, Lauren Kassidy, has graduated and now has a diploma. What an emotional time that whole experience was. I don’t usually hold back my feelings from my family. I mean,… Continue reading Sighing and Smiling

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Matthew: Sweet at Seven

Today is Matthew’s seventh birthday. I admit that his birthdays have been a tad harder for me emotionally because he is the last one. However, I get emotional over each of the children’s birthdays, especially the milestone ones, like one, two, three…wait a minute… okay. I get emotional about each one. Matthew has enjoyed being… Continue reading Matthew: Sweet at Seven

Vacation 2017

The World War II Memorial

As we made our way past the Washington Monument, we came upon the World War II Memorial. When I came to DC in high school, this memorial was not completed. It was exciting to see it in person since I am a history lover and an admirer of the WWII era in particular. From Wikipedia:… Continue reading The World War II Memorial


Theological Term of the Week: Parable

This week’s term: Parable – A story about a familiar event or action which is used to illustrate deeper truth. Last week’s term: Hyperbole (hīˈpərbəlē) – An obvious and intentional exaggeration, used not to deceive, but for effect; not meant to be taken literally, but to give an illustration to the extremity.