Today’s Ironing Sermon: Resurrection Joy

I was sick last Sunday and had to miss our regular services, so today, I caught up! I was blessed to hear “Resurrection Joy” and “Antidotes to Adultery” both by my pastor and husband, Terry Basham, II, while I did my week’s worth of ironing. The first sermon had a quote that really stuck with… Continue reading Today’s Ironing Sermon: Resurrection Joy


New Videos: Curriculum Choices for 2019-2020

I’ve made an individual video for each grade to shows what we’re planning to use in our homeschool this year. It’s hard to believe I’ll have another one graduating already! I’ll also have a 9th, 7th and 4th grader this year!  Scroll down to see the videos:   Thanks for watching!  

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This Week’s Ironing Sermon: Sufficient Grace

I have been working to become more organized in my daily tasks. Rather than ironing shirts as they are needed, I’m trying to look at the week ahead and do my ironing all at once. This means I can easily spend an hour ironing. This is boring. When I was a little girl, my mother… Continue reading This Week’s Ironing Sermon: Sufficient Grace


New Video: Abeka Phonics MUST Haves!

Here’s a video designed with new homeschooling moms in mind. I’ve taught all five of my children to read using the amazing Abeka program – and I’ve learned you don’t need every visual that they suggest. Here’s what you need, what you can make, and what you can live without: Thanks for watching!