A Blogging Break

Thank you for visiting my website! I am currently taking a hiatus from writing. Feel free to browse the site for old content anytime, day or night. You can search for something specific by using the search box on the right-hand sidebar, or view the tabs above for other categories. I do plan a brief… Continue reading A Blogging Break


A Blog Schedule

Yes, folks, it’s time to get serious about blogging. I have decided that I must make a commitment to write here regularly like I used to do way-back-when, or I’ll never squeeze it in again. My life has been full to overflowing lately, just the way I like life to be. I am busy with my… Continue reading A Blog Schedule

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My Year in Blogging {2015}

I can’t believe this year is already over. It seems like yesterday we were planning the events of 2015, which began with a visit from our friend Adam Nixon, from Italy, for our church’s Bible conference. It’s been a difficult year in some ways. In May, we lost our amazing children’s librarian, Heather Everett, to cancer. That… Continue reading My Year in Blogging {2015}


Seven Years of Blabbing

I mean, seven years of blogging. Yes, that’s right Okay, who am I kidding? It’s blabbing. In fact, I’m not even sure that this blog has a point. But I don’t let minor things like that get to me. I believe writing is the cheapest form of therapy, and everyone knows I need all the… Continue reading Seven Years of Blabbing


1,000th Post Giveaway! {Closed}

Thank you for reading my one thousandth post! I know I have a few faithful readers…mostly those with whom I share DNA…who have been here for every one. Thank you so much! I have been blogging for over seven years about my family, my faith, my favorites and my fiascoes. I’d like to take this… Continue reading 1,000th Post Giveaway! {Closed}