Two Daily Appointments

Many of you know that I struggle with anxiety and depression. I am so thankful to have seen great victories in this over the last year. I can only attribute it to the Lord. I am learning to lean on Him through prayer when anxiety rears its head. One thing that has helped me is… Continue reading Two Daily Appointments

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Overcoming Depression Day by Day

I have battled depression for many years. I had my first foray into the crazy world of mixed-up emotions when my oldest child was a newborn. She will be sixteen in a few months, and in that time, depression has been just outside my door. And sometimes right inside the living room. Every day, I… Continue reading Overcoming Depression Day by Day

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Don’t Get Panicky, Ethel

“Now, don’t get panicky, Ethel!” exclaimed a very panicky Lucy Ricardo to a calm, composed Ethel when she comes into Lucy’s cluttered apartment in a classic episode of I Love Lucy.┬áIn “Off to Florida”, Lucy and Ethel are supposed to join Ricky and Fred in the sunshine state, but Lucy loses the train tickets the… Continue reading Don’t Get Panicky, Ethel