Visit with Nana

Way back in July, my mother was able to come for a visit. I’m just now getting around to sharing about it. We didn’t really do anything big while she was here. The kids played several games of Scrabble with her. We went to the library’s summer reading program activity, which was a singing duo… Continue reading Visit with Nana

family-scrapbook · Vintage Valerie

Vintage Valerie: Lauren and More

As I mentioned in my last post, I had several photos of Lauren that I wanted to share, but they would have exceeded my self-imposed fifteen photo limit. I thought I’d fit in with “Throwback Thursday” and share some of them today…along with a few others I came across. 🙂   I was so excited… Continue reading Vintage Valerie: Lauren and More


The Many Faces of Matt

I recently uploaded the photos from my phone to my computer. I was surprised at how many I had of the kids, especially Matthew! If I come upon him while he’s up to some thing cute (which is often, says the completely  unbiased mother! Ha!) then I pull out my phone and snap a photo!… Continue reading The Many Faces of Matt