I promised in an earlier post to write about Terry’s trip to West Virginia in a little more detail, so I am keeping my promise. Terry and I worked at this same church about 8 years ago – we moved when I was 7 months pregnant with our oldest child, so she was born there. We were only there a short time mostly because we were “green” in the ministry and really weren’t prepared for what would be expected of us, or what life would be like in the mountains and valleys of West Virginia. It is a beautiful state! Sharp peaks and valleys, gorgeous fall colors, and lots of rivers and streams. But, it is 950 miles from my home! As a 21 year old expectant mother, it was scary. ANYWAY – this was Terry’s first time back since we said good bye to the sweet people of Faithway Baptist Church some 7 -8 years ago. The people were so gracious and loving to him, and seemed to really enjoy his preaching. God used him, and that was such a blessing. Here in Texas, we are somewhat isolated from other like faith and practice churches, so this time of fellowship was so refreshing for him. He got a lot of good ideas and counsel. He made some new friends and saw several old friends as well, some of whom we’ve not seen in years! He got to visit with Bro. Graham a lot, as they shared a motel room and rental car! Terry discovered that Bro. Graham can live on a lot less sleep than he can! He has been pretty tired since he’s been home.

I asked Terry to take some photos of the people for me, but the only one he took sums up life in West Virginia pretty well…

That’s right, the sign says “Yield Airplane Runway”!! Right in the middle of a road in the hills, there is located, for your flying convenience, an airplane runway!! You can see the sign is on a tree. I’ll never forget when we first saw this sign – we could not believe our eyes. But, we were city folks back then, this was country living! We experienced a lot for the first time in West Virginia – first time away from home, first time to see snow up to our knees, first ski trip, and first time to drive across an airplane runway!
Yep, that’s West Virginia – wild and wonderful. Maybe you can visit sometime. One thing’s sure: you’ll never forget it!

Thank you, Bro. Gregory and Faithway Baptist Church, for opening your doors, and hearts, to us once again. It was a great week. I hope we don’t have to wait another 8 years to see you all again!

One thought on “Wild, Wonderful West Virginia

  1. Mother says:

    It is Tuesday afternoon, September 18, and I was checking to read what you had posted today. Since there is no new post, you must be having your usual very busy day. I pray that no one is sick.
    I love you.


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