Here are some photos from recent days. I did get lots of good photos on my trip home!!! I’ll be sharing those tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my life in the hills of Texas…

Terry increased his workout. He’s made it triple effective!
Leslie has learned that good eye protection can make all the difference!
Our last ladies fellowship was held November 17. We had a Thanksgiving theme. Here are some highlights. I shared a devotional thought that I’ve been mulling over for a while on “Worldly Thinking.” The Lord really used it to work on me.

We had a great turnout!

We had a few autumn-type snacks. I made my Aunt Dorothy’s famous Cranberry punch, and it was a hit! (Thank you, Dot!)

I made a cake that was supposed to look like a cornucopia, or horn of plenty. I had fun doing it, but I don’t know if it turned out exactly right!

I have had computer problems this morning, so I won’t have time to post the photos of my trip home today. We are also without heat here in the parsonage and it’s 36 degrees! We hope to have it fixed today. In the meantime, we are using two small space heaters and we’ve all been sleeping in the same room, with one of the space heaters. This morning, when I went to plug in the other heater, it sparked and sizzled and burned my left thumb pretty badly. It burned the cord into two pieces and left me crying. I’m just so glad it wasn’t one of the kids who got burned! If you think of me, please pray for our heat, and my thumb! :o)

So now you’re up to date on my life in the hill country! I know Mondays typically stink, and I’ll admit that mine has started out lousy, but with God’s help I hope to make it a profitable day. Not just for now, but also for eternity. I hope you can do the same! Have a great Monday, and thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “My Life in the Hill Country

  1. Mother says:

    I'm so sorry you burned yourself on the heater cord. Hope it's better by now.
    The photos are great. Leslie looks darling in the goggles. Your cake turned out beautifully, I think. I would like to read your devotional.
    I love you.


  2. I am so glad that you had a good trip and proud that you got pictures. Finally!! lol ;]

    The pictures of your ladies meeting made me want to be there. Okay, maybe it was the yummy cake that was calling me. I must confess. lol You did a wonderful job on it. My last attempt at a cake ended in a pool of blob. Hence Wal-mart gets a visit from me for fancy cakes now. lol
    So is Aunt Dorothy's Famous Cranberry Punch a family recipe that if you give it out your life is in danger? If not, can I stand in line to get a copy of the recipe.:] I am always looking for new punch ideas.

    I pray that you have your heat on now and that your thumb has been doctored and on the road to recovery. And yes, thank God it wasn't one of the kids. I hope your kids kissed it for you. You know that is the key to a full and complete recovery for a booboo. ;]

    Have a wonderful, blessed, fun-filled, adventurous (okay with kids this one always is present), healing and heated day today!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry you burned your thumb. I am praying for you. It was so good to see you.



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