First of all, thank you so much for praying for our heat to be fixed. It was repaired yesterday at about 10:30 and the minute that heat started blowing we rejoiced! Thank you to Bro. Scotty Bristow for coming over and repairing it for us. Also, my thumb is so much better! I can’t believe it is already doing so much better. I appreciate your prayers so much.

I had such a good time during my last trip to Arkansas for the Thanksgiving holiday.Here’s Janet Drive, the street on the side of our house. It was so lovely to see the falling leaves!! It’s something we don’t see down here in autumn. We have the Live Oak trees here and, oddly enough, they lose their leaves in the spring! I couldn’t resist snapping the photo below. It’s kind of relaxing, don’t ya think?

Here is my nephew, Andrew. He is holding, well, trying to hold Laci! Melanie’s boys loved her so much!
Here is David Allen, Melanie’s oldest boy with Laci.
The three Musketeers! L-R: David Allen, Mitchell and Andrew
Here I am with the three little ones. L-R: Leslie, Laci and Stephen
My Mom bought new pajamas for the grandkids. These five here spent the night at Mom’s house on pallets on the floor(For you Andy lovers out there, they called it “adventure sleeping”). Terry and I and the little girls stayed at a motel. Lauren was the only girl, so she didn’t get Spiderman PJ’s! She loved her penguin pajamas though! They all had a blast!
Here’s the whole gang: L-R: David Allen, Andrew, Stephen, Lauren, Mitchell and Leslie (who’s trying unsuccessfully to hide. She’s the shy one.)
A proud Aunt! Here I am with the cutest clan in the world! Okay, I’m a little prejudiced! :o)
Leslie was a busy girl during our trip. She was always trying to fold blankets, or help Mom fold towels. She also enjoyed coloring! Her baby doll Lucy is beside her. Lucy has seen better days, as you can see!
Stephen, Melanie’s youngest boy, just adored Laci! He kept asking her if they could have Laci for Christmas! He would come up to me and say “Valry, I love your baby!” and then give her and me some kisses! He’s a sweetie! He was such a good “babysitter”. He kept Laci happy so I could visit with my Mom and Melanie.
The kids had so much fun together. Uncle Walter took all the older ones to the park three times, and the weather was nice enough for them to play outside.
Here’s one of my three sweet nephews! I sure miss him, and the whole family.
David Allen and Mitchell had matching Spiderman pajamas, which, by the way, came in very handy those two nights the heat was off!

Lauren and Stephen enjoying the building blocks.

Valerie and Terry ~ still in love after all these years!

We had such a great holiday. Thank you, Mom, for treating us to such a great time. I made memories that, Lord willing, will last my lifetime.
We don’t have lots of money, or a fancy car. We don’t have designer clothes or a bass boat, but we are so rich. We have a loving family and a home that is truly a haven from the stress and turmoil of this world. We have a great home because we have Jesus! The song says: “With Christ in my vessel I can smile at the storm” and for a child of God that is so true! No matter what is happening in my town or around the world, I can smile at the storm because I have the giver of peace with me each and every moment. Even during the times of no heat, and painful burns, I have so much to be thankful for!

3 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home….

  1. Those are some special pictures!

    Thank you for posting the recipe. I'm going to try it on the Ladies for the Christmas Party!!

    The kids are all so adorable. Lauren's haircut looks so cute on her. I have wanted to cut Gracie hair in a bob for the past two months now, but she still wants it long. I told her that were going to Meme and Papa's for the weekend to get Family pictures and thought she would look cute in a bob. She thought about it and than looked at her hair and said, “But I love my long hair” and than her eyes welded up with tears. Maybe I should show Laurens picture to her and show her that it's a cute haircut. One last attempt before family pictures. lol
    I do love her hair long, but boy is it hard to wash it.
    I am glad that you have heat and that your thumb is doing better. I will be praying extra hard that God will allow someone to get saved before the year is even up.


  2. Mother says:

    Great pictures and great memories! I miss all of you so much. It is too quiet around here.
    I'm thankful that your heat is on and your thumb is better. Praise the Lord for His goodness.
    I love you.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The boys and I loved the pictures. Thank you for posting them. We had a great time. We miss you all so much.

    Love you,


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