On Friday evening, I was amazed by the beautiful full moon that was rising from the horizon. It started out somewhat yellow, and then as it rose higher and higher it became white and bright! It was gorgeous! I ran for my camera and snapped several images. It wasn’t until I downloaded them to my computer that I realized just what I had photographed. It was no ordinary moon. Take a look at this first one:

You can see in the moonlight a silhouette of a power line, but it appears to be a cross! Isn’t that amazing! Here we are, celebrating Resurrection Sunday, and I snap a photo that reminds me even more of the sacrifice our dear Lord made at Calvary so long ago. What a blessing the Lord gave me!
Here are some more photos:

If someday I should write a book of memories, I will not forget the moon. As a child, I spent many balmy, summer nights in Hot Springs lying on my Dad’s bed – after a good wresting (tickling) match- talking. He would tell stories about his childhood and I would lie next to him listening with rapt attention. The window above the bed would be open, I would be freshly bathed and ready for bed, and the wind would be gently blowing the curtains. The crickets would be singing their merry song by moonlight, and the moon? Oh, it would be bright and beautiful! For a while we would be able to see it through the leaves of the large tree that stood behind the house. Dad would sing this little song, rather softly:
I see the moon, the moon sees me. Down through the leaves of the old Oak tree,
Please let the light that shines on me,Shine on the one I love.
Nothing made me feel more relaxed and ready for bed than the coziness of that moment. I had not a care in the world. Dad and Mom were in their places. Melanie was there to share a room with me so that I need not fear the dark! (Kevin was away at Hyles-Anderson.) I was safe within the walls of our modest home on Sunset Bay Drive. Life was, in my opinion, perfect. I would feel the glow of the moonlight shining upon those I loved. It still shines today upon my family as we live hundreds of miles apart from one another. My loved ones are far away, but the moon reaches them everywhere, as does God’s love.
God’s love is like the moon. It reaches all, but not all see it, notice it or enjoy it. Some know it is there, but take it for granted. I’m so thankful for God’s love. I am thankful for my parents’ love. I am very rich indeed, rich in love!
Today, Dad has a view of the moon unlike any other. He sees it from the Other Shore. I don’t know whether or not he can see the moon from Heaven. I do not have a Bible verse for that, but I would like to believe that he can. I would also like to believe that the moon shines brightly on him still today, for he is still one I love.

3 thoughts on “God’s Love is like the Moon

  1. Mother says:

    Beautiful thoughts! Beautiful memories! What a mighty God we serve!

    I love you.


  2. Hi Valerie,

    What a wonderful site that must have been to see. I'm glad that God gave that moment to you and proud of you for capturing it!

    I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to write. I thought I would on Friday but with the March Madness Party and hubby wanted me to do some things, my time was not my own.

    I just wanted to write something quick, but (keeping my fingers crossed) should be able to write more when the kids go down for a nap at 2pm. I have to get ready to take Derek to School it's 9:40am and we have to be there by 10:30am.

    I got on quick enough to check up on e-mail and such.

    Oh btw, did you take yourself off MySpace? :[

    I'll write more L8R this afternoon!


  3. HAPPY “30th” B-DAY to You!
    HAPPY “30th” B-DAY to You!
    HAPPY “30th” B-DAY Dear Valerie!
    ToOoOoOoOoOo YoUoUoUoUoUoUoU!




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