Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

I am illegally posting this on Val’s blog. Regular readers, beware.

Today is my wife’s 30th birthday. For 30 years the world has been blessed to have her, here. She is an incredible woman. I have been living with her for 10 years and she is the real thing.

I am inspired by her, challenged by here and better because of her. She is a genius, her mind is quick, sharp and “forgetless” (she never forgets). (Don’t tell Strunk about my suffix adding ways!)

I have watched as she has been able to forge a home out of whatever sorry place I’ve dragged her in pursuit of my dreams. She has kept us alive on very little money for a long time. She has taught my kids to read, write and how to behave. (We won’t mention what I taught them.)

Now I feel led to quote a country and western song I heard when I was 18 or so:

She’s everything in life i’ll ever need – She is life When I want to live – She’s everything to me in lifeThat life can give – She’s my water – When i need a drink – She’s the first thought in my mind – Each time I try to think – She’s my fingers When I want to feel – She’s the only thing in life To me that’s really, real. – She is love – She’s all the love I know – She could kiss the ground in the winter time, And make a flower grow –

I love you Valerie.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Valerie. I wish I knew ahead of time, but oh well. Everyone that knows you is blessed to know you, even if only through the the blog for now.
    I hope you have a great and glorious day!!!!!
    Wendy in NC


  2. I can't type and wipe away the tears at the same time. I'm going to make my husband read this, how sweet.

    Hope you had a great day,
    Love Pamela


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