The following is a little something I wrote on March 5, 2008. I love to write, and pour out my feelings on paper…or on a screen! ;o) The Lord brought this to mind again, and I wanted to share it with you. It was a lesson that I really needed!

Job 40:2 Shall he that contendeth with the Almighty instruct him? he that reproveth God, let him answer it.

Most of you know that my church is small. My husband is the Pastor and we have four kids. My kids are the only ones in the church. My eight year old daughter is often discouraged because she doesn’t have any friends. At least once a week she goes forward during the invitation, (and is often the only one there) and asks Terry to pray with her that God will send her friends. As a Mom, this touches my heart.
I was recently explaining to the Lord myself that Lauren really needed friends; I told Him that it was very hard for a girl to not have friends. It was then that Lord said to me that He knew exactly what He was doing, and was I doubting Him? He then brought to my mind a fellow that my husband was friends with when his Dad pastored a small church in Virginia. From what Terry had said about him he wasn’t a great influence – but he was all he had! I asked my husband if his life was made better or worse by his one friend and he said “Definitely worse. That guy tried to get me and my brother (a year younger) to do things that could have killed us (i.e. stunts that were dangerous. The Lord graciously protected him during these years). He tried to get me to sneak out of the house one night when he stayed over at our house…my Dad caught us just in time.”
It was at that moment that I looked toward Heaven with a tear in my eye and thanked Him for NOT giving my daughter friends. I apologized for questioning His wisdom. I saw clearly that having no friends is better than having one bad friend. The Lord had brought me full circle. I went from being unhappy about a situation, to actually thanking Him for it!
God loves me, and He does know best.

One thought on “Full Circle

  1. Well said.

    God will give Lauren her special friend. He knows her heart's desire and I am glad that he also knows when the right timing for a special friend needs to be.

    I'm glad that she has parents that will guide her in making the right choices with friends and many other decisions, so she will please the Lord.

    Sometimes God doesn't answer with friends that live next door either. Sometimes he answers with friends being over a thousand miles away. ;] You know him being God in all, he likes to have his way too.

    He knows just who Lauren needs and right now it's her family! She's a pretty blessed girl indeed.


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