I wanted to post a few photos of the many material blessings God has given us during the last three weeks we’ve lived in Hope.

My new washer and dryer! We had planned to purchase these with the money Terry made from the sale of our 1999 Lumina, but the church wanted to buy them for us! What a blessing!
Right before we moved in, the church had to replace the stove. This is my new one! (It’s the kind that you can program to come on or shut off! Isn’t that neat?)
I’ve owned this fridge since we got married. We had $1,000 for a honeymoon back in 1998. However, our little apartment didn’t have a fridge, so we had to use $600 to purchase one. Needless to say, our honeymoon wasn’t what we’d planned! The fridge had an ice maker, but we didn’t have a water hookup to run it. We didn’t have one in any of our six other residences, either. Until now! Yes, I now have a working ice maker! And this after nearly pitching my ice container (that holds the ice) while packing up in Texas! I’m so glad I saved it! See! It’s making ice!!!
This is a view from the window above my kitchen sink! That’s right, folks, you heard right! I have a window over my sink! I can look out my bird feeders and my petunias and my begonia (not pictured)! I had this interesting bird at my feeder and had to snap a photo right before church one Sunday morning. Only two of our other houses had windows over the sinks; this is something I really had missed.

The Lord has given me many material blessings, which I do not deserve. As all of this was happening, I kept expecting one of our members to say “Excuse me, there’s been a terrible mistake. We thought you were someone else.” But so far, that hasn’t happened! [sigh of relief!] Everyone here seems to like me for who I am. We sure do feel at home.
Please keep us in your prayers as we try to reach Hope for Christ.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Snap Shots: The Windows of Heaven Were Opened!

  1. Oh Valerie!

    What a big answer to prayer. I am sooo glad that your members are taking care of the Pastor's Family like they should. So many churches don't really care about how the pastor's family is doing. It's refreshing to hear that your church family is.

    I am glad that God knows our needs and fulfills them and leaves us standing in awe of his goodness and love for us.

    The view from your kitchen window is beautiful. Is that your church that is on the right side of the picture?
    My heart is overjoyed for you and the family!
    ~God is Good~


  2. Mother says:

    It is so wonderful to see all the blessings God has loaded on you in Hope. I enlarged the picture of the bird feeder, and it looks like that's a redheaded woodpecker. Of course, I can't see it clearly on my computer, but look in a bird book and see if I am right. I only remember seeing one in all the years we have lived in Benton. I do have a ladder-backed woodpecker that comes to my feeder every day, and they are also very beautiful.

    I love you.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos! I am like you and enjoying my ice maker after 15 years without one. I love my built in dishwasher,too. I am thrilled at all the blessings the Lord has given you.

    Love you,


  4. ~ Miss Nom ~ says:

    Those ice makers can spoil a person. I wouldn't know that from experience because I'm not much for ice…in anything. Just ask my family 🙂 I've finally gotten them trained to NOT put ice in my drinks 😛 They are awfully nice to have AND be able to use =)


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