The formula for weight loss isn’t in the latest diet fads. It isn’t in a pill, or drink. It isn’t doing the “crash” diet thing, where you eat cabbage soup and water for “x” number of days. You can lose weight that way, sure. But as soon as you go back to normal eating, you will gain it back.
The best formula for weight loss is eat less, sweat more. It’s really pretty simple. You shouldn’t have to buy expensive meals, just eat less of your usual meals. Try to prepare healthy foods for everyone, and that can simplify your life greatly! Although, you may have some frowns at the broccoli and cauliflower that you serve! I sure get plenty of disapproval from the peanut gang in our house. By the way, I still prepare desserts for the family (and yes, for me too Dixie! ;] ). I enjoy eating desserts! The Bible says “do everything in moderation”, I’m including desserts there too! 😀 I figure it’s only wrong to eat the whole package of Oreos, not two!
I’m making very slow progress in my fitness efforts. I don’t look like Denise Austin, but I’m seeing some improvement in my toning due to using hand weights. I can’t boast a ten pound weight loss, but I’ve lost 7 (SINCE JANUARY). I’m not a skinny-mini, but I have more energy than I did in March. All of this gives me the encouragement I need to keep going.
As I was checking out of Wal-Mart in Texarkana recently (Arkansas side, in case you’re wondering), I visited with Faye, my cashier. She was probably in her late 50s or so. She told the lady in front of me that she had lost 70 pounds, but it took her four years to do it. She said she had 30 more to go. (I thought she probably only needed to lose about 15 more, she looked good!) I had to know how she did it. “Did you follow a plan or program?” I asked her. “No.” she said. “I just cut the fat out of my diet and began exercising.” It took her four years, but that is great! That means her chances of gaining it back are very low, because her new habits are just that, habits! She went on to tell me that her doctor told her that her cholesterol numbers were high, and she was at risk for diabetes. This scared her into a new eating/exercise lifestyle. I applaud this lady for her hard work! It helps me to get going, and keep going.
I know, blogging about exercise and fitness isn’t popular. My flesh doesn’t like it any more than yours does. But it’s good for me, so I do it. Blogging about it helps to keep me accountable in my efforts. My husband told me about a preacher who had to lose a lot of weight. His health was failing. He said “I finally decided I love preaching more than I love a Big Mac.” That really convicted me. I love my family, and serving God, more than I love a Big Mac, and I do love Big Macs. And singles from Wendy’s. And Olive Garden’s chicken parmigiana. And pizza. And cake…okay you get the idea. But hey, moderation, right? So I can still have my cake and eat it too, just not as often! ;]

Here’s a little something funny for you. Have a fantastic week!


2 thoughts on “Fitness Fridays: Eat Less, Sweat More

  1. Mama2four says:

    It's tough, isn't it? I joined Curves almost three months ago. I love it, and I have lost 9 pounds, but I still have 20 to go. Nine pounds in three months doesn't seem like much, but I am doing it the hard way- by excerising! I figure it is better to lose it slowly rather then real quick by a fad diet. Keep it up- being healthy is the key! ~Cassandra
    Oh, by the way- if I ever forget to put my name, my google name is Mama 2 Four


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I just picked up this tip from Prevention–For every mile you walk put $1 in a jar and once the money piles up go buy something special for yourself. I don't know if I can spare the cash so I still give myself a star on my calendar for every day I exercise. ( I guess I miss ny progress chart from A.C.E.)



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