I hope this post doesn’t come across as “sickeningly sweet”, but if it does, I apologize. As I opened up my Bible this morning, I found an added blessing. Terry had slipped me a card inside! I was so surprised to find it, and the enclosed note he had written! Here’s a photo of the front:

And here’s what was inside:

I had to flip the card over to see who was singing! It’s Tim McGraw, in case you’re wondering. I’m not at all into country music, and Terry isn’t anymore! Regardless of that, however, his thoughtfulness, and the words, made my day!

I’ve been smiling all day, and it hasn’t been a particularly good day! :] Just a regular old Friday. The calendar’s full of them. But today, was a great Friday! I guess this shows what a difference a kind word, or song, makes!

I just wanted you all to know that my husband’s stock just went up twenty points! ;]

3 thoughts on “Just Had to Share This…

  1. Mother says:

    I don't usually turn on the speakers on my computer, but I did just now. I had to hear that card. I don't care for the twangy voice, but I do like the sweet words. That was really nice of Terry, especially since it wasn't your birthday, anniversary, or any other important date. Those gifts are the very best!

    I love you.


  2. Awww

    That was really sweet of your hubby!

    Hope your doing good. I know your probably still keeping busy with getting things just the way you want them.

    Keep Smiling!


  3. Anonymous says:

    How thoughtful of Terry. Little things like that really say I love you best of all.

    I am glad he made you smile.



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