We have lots of birthdays in June in my family! We have so many, that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get something posted for each person on their actual birthday, so I decided I would do everyone on June 30th…which is today. 🙂
I hope you all got your cards from me on your birthday, I’m sorry this post is a belated birthday wish.

June 2nd…my niece, Ashley in Florida turned nine! My how the time flies!
June 8th…my nephew, Levi, turned nineteen. I can’t believe that. It feels like it was yesterday that I held him in my arms and played with him. Wow.
June sister-in-law, Kathy celebrated a birthday. She was just about the only friend I had for a period of time in my life. I’m so thankful for her. (Wish we could see you all!)
June 22nd…My mother-in-law had a birthday!!! We sure do miss you, Kathy!
June 27th…My Aunt Kathleen in Phoenix had a birthday! She is the lady who introduced me to aerobic videos. It’s because of her that I love to workout!! (sometimes!)

Happy Birthday to all of you! I love you all, and I am praying for you daily. I hope we can see each other again soon!!

One thought on “June Is A Busy Month

  1. Mother says:

    We do have lots of family birthdays in June. If you add the people who also have wedding anniversaries that month, it is amazing.

    I love you.


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