Yay! We made it to another Friday! Congratulations everyone! This week, I really need some help. I get in a rut eating the same snacks, and sometimes, a healthy snack is nowhere around, so I’ve either been hungry and miserable, or I indulge in the “not so healthy” choice.
So, how ’bout it? Do you all have any favorite low-cal treats or sweets? I’d love to hear what you make or buy that satisfies your cravings. Email me or post it here.
Thank you so much! Oh and happy Friday!! :]

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PS I’m dealing with a bout of poison ivy on my hand and forearm…I have no idea how this got on me. Anyway, if you have any help to offer with that, I’d appreciate it. I’ve been using Caladryl.

One thought on “Fitness Fridays: Your Help is Needed

  1. Mother says:

    I hope your poison ivy gets better quickly. Remember when Danny Ortiz visited us and you told him you had “dog ivy?”

    Love you.


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