Ah, the sights and sounds of summer! The honeysuckle scent in the night air, the sound of crickets, tree frogs and cicadas singing in unison and, of course, the watermelon! What more could you ask of summer? She brings her beauty – green grass and trees, gorgeous flowers and glowing sunsets – with grace and then just as gracefully, she fades into fall. Her carefree (or school-free!) days become just a memory as the rhythm of autumn sets in.
While we are still enjoying summer, I wanted to share these photos of the kids on a sweltering summer day last week. Yes, along with all the beauty and serenity of summer comes the heat. But the heat is bearable with a little water from the slip ‘n slide, and a little watermelon in the hand!

Here are some photos of Lauren, Mitchell and their friend, Maria, enjoying some tasty Hope watermelon. They had been having some fun playing on the slip ‘n slide and then drying off on the swing with a slice of watermelon to quench their thirst.

Hope‘s motto is “a slice of the good life”.

The good life indeed! Here’s the proof:

We’ll be heading out in the morning for our summer vacation! We have been so blessed this summer already, I almost feel guilty taking a wonderful vacation on top of everything else! We would appreciate your prayers as we travel. We are excited about seeing my family in North Carolina, but we will miss our church family here.
As Christians, we can celebrate our “good life” in Christ 365 days a year!
Praise the Lord!

Happy summer, everyone! :o)

2 thoughts on “In the Good Ol’ Summertime

  1. Mother says:

    I have been praying for you this morning, and I am excited for you to have this vacation trip. I called your house earlier and received no answer so you must be on your way. Hurray!
    I pray you have a safe trip and happy children spending so many hours inside a van.
    I love you.


  2. Wanted to drop a note saying that you have been missed! I know that your having a blast in NC and I pray that you and the family will have the rest and relaxation that you all need.

    I have also been praying for your boo boo on your arm. O.K. I've been talking way too much to kids “only” lately. lol

    Not too much longer and you'll be back home!

    Miss you, Love you and Many Prayers for you!


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