I just wanted to wish my very good friend, Amanda Tyler, a wonderful birthday today! She has been an encouragement to me ever since we met in 1993. She has always been someone to listen to my heartaches and disappointments. She has sent me a card or given me a call just when I needed it. She is now a missionary to Brazil and inspires me with her sweet spirit and hard work as she and her hubby and three boys travel from sea to shining sea on deputation. She never complains or gripes about the struggles that surely must await her every time she hits the road. She never whines. She is only happy, kind and loving. She’s another one of my friends who only encourages me to go forward in my Christian life. She has a “never give up” attitude even when she’s tired, worn out, or lonely. When I feel that way, I only need to give her a ring and before I know it, I’m smiling – or laughing – and ready to go on for a little while longer.

Thank you, Amanda, for being my friend. Thank you for encouraging me by your life to go forward for the Lord. I look forward to seeing you face to face again in a few days (can’t get over that I’m gonna see you twice in eight months!! Yes!! Can’t wait!!).

Have a wonderful day, and a happy 29th year!


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