Today is Mitchell’s birthday! I can’t believe how quickly the time goes by. I know it’s zipping along, but it still surprises me for some reason! I see my children every day, so the changes are gradual. As I look at the photos of days gone by, I can see how much they have changed!

Here’s a look back at Mitch:

In Texas, age three. I see architecture in his future! See how that tower leans, but doesn’t fall? Don’t you think that’s talent? No? Oh. Must be the Mom in me! :]
Weeks after moving into our home in Burnet, he’s already looking like a Texan, and working hard!
My Hero!
Here’s his second birthday. He has a deep cut on his head, and we don’t know how he did it. He had to wear steri-strips for a while.
Age two, in Lawrence, Kansas…and in the dryer!

Here’s my big guy at our house in Topeka at 18 mos. Okay. I may start tearing up now. See his new stick? We try to give our kids the lastest and newest items to play with. We go all out.
“No, that’s a little too much water for me.” Mitchell at the beach in Florida, April 2004.
Here’s Mitch at age three again. He made himself a nice new bed! I told you that we go all out in our family! I guess now you believe me!

Here’s Mitch on Pilot Mountain in North Carolina two weeks ago.

Here’s Mitch at the pump at Helen Keller’s home in Tuscumbia, Alabama two weeks ago. I’ll be posting more about our trip later. I just wanted to share this photo. He sure does look six, doesn’t he? Why do kids hafta grow up, anyway? *sigh*

Mitchell is full of energy and such a joy to be around. This morning I asked him if he felt ready for first grade. He said “Oh Mother, do we start first grade tomorrow?” I hope he is just as eager when we do begin!

He got saved on May 25th. I had the privilege of leading him to Jesus. I am praying that he truly understood…he’s got a very active mind, and I wonder if his concentration was with me while I was talking to him. If not, I pray God keeps his heart tender till the time is right.

I must share one more story and I promise I’ll stop! Maybe. :]

Mitchell turned two shortly after my Dad went to Heaven. One day not long after his birthday, I sat on my bed crying uncontrollably over the loss of my Dad. It would sweep over me at all different times. Terry worked long, hard hours. I was lonely and distraught. I turned to the Lord many times and could only cry – no words would come – but the Lord knew. Mitchell came to me that day and saw me crying. He couldn’t talk much then, but he did something I’ll never forget. He went over to where Terry kept his handkerchiefs and opened the drawer. He pulled out a white handkerchief and handed it to me. I didn’t know he even knew where we kept the handkerchiefs. The Lord used my little Mitchell to comfort me. Mitchell has kept that tender heart. He cries so easily, and he loves so strongly. He is very observant, and very friendly!

I thank the Lord for my only boy, Mitchell Lee Basham. I pray that He will grow up to be and do just what the Lord wants.

Happy Birthday, Mitch! We love you!

2 thoughts on “Mitchell Is Six

  1. Misty says:

    Happy Birthday Mitch! Hope you have a great one!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Mitchell, You have such a sweet, tender heart. I pray you will always stay that way. I loved the pictures of you growing up. You are such a cutie. It was so good to see you a few weeks ago. I love you.

    Aunt Melanie


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