Well, I’ve finished Ecclesiastes! I’m kind of excited about it  because it’s the first book of the Bible I’ve read through since having Matthew three weeks ago. Things have been rather hectic around here, trying to keep house, cook, nurse a newborn every two hours or so, and care for the other four children. Oh! And of course, care for my wonderful husband! Bible reading some days was only a chapter, and some days it was zero! Whenever I go a day without reading my Bible, I feel incomplete. I feel spiritually hungry, I guess. The Holy Spirit is beckoning me to my quiet time corner, and I look longingly at my spot, trying to get there. But, with little sleep and needy children around me, getting there was, at times, impossible! I think I’ve finally got a routine going that will work! {crossing fingers!} I’m making my quiet time a priority, even if house work and laundry must play second fiddle for a while! In fact, I was so determined to have my devotions first today, that I didn’t even clean off the kitchen table before I sat down! I just checked the place where I’d lay my Bible, and it was clean. So, please excuse the spilled cereal from the kids’ breakfast!

I want to try to post a little devotional thought here daily, if possible. I’m calling it my “Quiet Time Corner”. It’s a way to keep me accountable for my daily devotions. My goal is to read everyday, even if I don’t get to post everyday.

Today, I read several excellent verses! It was hard to pick one to write about, because several spoke to my heart. I finally chose Ecclesiastes 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. Ecclesiastes seems to me to be a book of warnings. I think it could aptly be re-named “Lessons I’ve Learned” by King Solomon. Solomon shares his amazing wisdom with any who care to read and, what I like best is that he is honest. I love it when people are real. Solomon is real – he shares his mistakes! He tells how he tried to find pleasure in building things, women, having servants, etc. He says it was all vanity. (Ecc.2:4-11) He warns us that old age is around the corner, so don’t waste time on “vanity”, act now to serve the Master! (Ecc. 12:1-8)

 Finally, as he brings his book to a close, he tells us the bottom line: Fear God and keep his commandments. That’s it. That’s what a believer should strive to do each and every day. If we fear God, surely we will obey His word. I wish it were as easy as it sounds. Many times each day I fail my Lord. I let Him down by snapping at my children or having a bad attitude. I am often selfish and demanding. I know I should do better, yet I don’t. It often brings to me tears as I cry out to the Lord for forgiveness and help. In fact, this happened to me just yesterday. The Lord forgave me and has given me another chance at doing better – He gave me today. I don’t know why He loves me so! I want to do my best for Him now.

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.”

Devotedly yours,

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