Last week, while my in-laws were here, we enjoyed a few family game nights. Games are a fun way to spend time with your loved ones. It’s also a great opportunity to teach good sportsmanship and how to get along with others. During a game of Phase 10 (which I’m terrible at, by the way), we talked about the Game of Life. It brought back memories. I loved that game. I only asked for it for Christmas one year because I saw on the commercial that you could have twins. It was right around the time I asked for twin Cabbage Patch Dolls, but they were all sold out everywhere. Two pink pegs would be almost as good as twin dolls, I thought. Besides, if you got twins in the Game of Life, perhaps you would in real life, I mused. I was nine years old. Nine-year-olds think that games are crystal balls. So, you can see the mere mention of this game brought back happy memories.

While my husband and I were out for our 15th anniversary, I mentioned that I wanted to buy the game for our family. I mulled it over and started to change my mind as we stood in the toy aisle at Walmart. Terry made the call: “Buy it.”, he stated. So we did.

Friday night, we pulled it out and played it with our kids. I was looking for an opportunity to use my camera, so I took about seventeen…hundred photos of the event.

This is the Game of Life. Not to be confused with real life. Or crystal balls.

Dad helped us get it all set up. He was also our banker. He did a great job doling out our thousands to us.
Mitchell is getting ready.
It’s all about the spin, baby. 

I bought a small cape house and chose a career in law. Then, I lost my job (waa!) and had to become a Vet.
I feel sorry for those animals. I can’t stand to touch animals. And I’m allergic to cats. I’ve had experience with goats, but…that didn’t go well.

I’m makin’ progress. (I’m the purple car!) I had a boy! 

My real life “pink peg” and my man. 

Sometimes Life doesn’t go so well. 
Meanwhile, in the living room, Matthew was having his daily media brainwash session. 

LOOK! I had TWINS! Thank you, thank you! I’m so excited! I am looking forward to raising these wee pegs into fine, upstanding stick people!

After having another boy, my little purple car is full!
While we played the game, Laci, who is not really old enough to play, became a bit distracted. She’s showing me a cut on her hand, in the vicinity of where her thumb is pointing. I never found it. But she insisted it was there.

There was a lot of downtime, since we had to wait for four other players to take their turns. Mitchell showed me his robot arm dance move.

He also read a book and ate a bowl of oyster crackers…which he spilled and cleaned up.

Poor Laci! She’s heartbroken that Lauren didn’t sue her. 

Matthew is dropping by to check up on us. “Gettin’ a little loud in here!” 
I set my camera on top of the table and pressed the button. It took this photo on auto! I thought it just looked….cool.
This is Laci, shocked to learn that she had sued Mitchell twice. And yes, she was there for the whole thing. Honest.
“What? When did I do that?”
“About twenty minutes ago.”
“NO! I mean, what time did I sue him?”
She never did believe me. 

She started out okay. She was keeping her head (sorta) in the game. 

But then, she drifted. 

She began to read the rules. Which would have been fine, if she could read that well. But she can’t.

She crawled under the table.

She made faces, like this one.

And this one.

And this one.

“Take one of me doing this.” 
Leslie ended up winning the game with over two million dollars! She also helped Laci by showing her how to pay off her mortgage. A sweet sister, for sure. 
I did okay, too! I had just slightly less than Leslie. *sigh* If only real life were this way. 
I was really pleased with how my camera handled these indoor shots. I haven’t mastered the settings for taking clear manual indoor photos yet, so I set my dial on “Auto”, but turned the flash off. If I had taken these photos with my old camera, they would have had an orange tint (cast off from the orangy-brown walls), or been too dark. My Nikon’s auto settings worked beautifully.

Oh, and while I didn’t have twins in real life, I did have five children. So one thing from the game did come true: my car is full!

10 thoughts on “This is My {Game of} Life

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm like Laci. I have trouble sticking with this game. Loved the photos!
    Love you!


  2. Kristy... says:

    I love the game of life. I should buy it for our family. I think my kids would LOVE it.
    Laci is a hoot! and I love the picture of Matthew watching Tv by his lonesome. That would so be Abigail if we were playing.

    We discovered a new game called “Bubble Talk” it is a FUN game for any readers in the family. It, like other games needs to be checked through. We didn't find much we had to discard but the kids (all of them) love this game Jason and I do too!

    Anyway… great pics!!!!!!!!!! especially of Laci. She is your hambone huh?


  3. Tori says:

    What a cute post. I never really cared for that game but I loved seeing our family play it.


  4. Yes, I remember! You hate board games!


  5. I've never heard of “Bubble Talk”. I'll have to look that one up. All the kids are hams, but Laci got a “double portion”! lol!


  6. Victoria says:

    Cute post. LOL. I think my husband still has the original version of this game that he played as a kid. We haven't played it yet as a family. Hmmmm. Might be time to give it a try.


  7. Yes! You definitely should try it! 🙂 It would be neat to compare the old version with the new one. The game from my childhood is long gone! lol!


  8. Haha! Love this post and the pictures look great. You got some fun ones of the kids. 🙂 Love the part about Laci needing to know the time! 😉


  9. Thank you! Laci – and all the kids – are crazy. I think they get that from their *father*. 😉


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