I have been very pleased with the hands-on projects that A.C.E. has included in their science PACE’s. Lauren is on week two of  Science 1061, and she has already done several small projects. Last week, we made pretty soap balls. We also took baking soda in a cup, poured vinegar on it and lit a match over it. The match extinguished because the baking soda/vinegar mixture created carbon dioxide (eliminating the oxygen), and therefore, snuffed out the match. In her reading, she learned that fire can not burn without oxygen. Our little experiment proved it.

This PACE also called for the use of litmus paper to test various bases and acids. I do remember wishing I had access to some litmus paper when I was doing this past many moons ago, it’s nice that I finally got some and only a few years late!

I was excited to find a new (well, new to me) science resource. I purchased the litmus paper and some magnets and iron filings from Nature’s Workshop. They are reasonably priced and package things for a family, rather than a classroom. For instance, I had found litmus paper on other sites but it was sold in packages of 200 sheets! I don’t need quite that many :]. I was pleased to see them sold in packages of 20 on the Nature’s Workshop website. While browsing their catalog, I also found some good books that I’ve been wanting to buy for the kids. I have also circled several other educational items I would like to buy in the future. I’m always trying to enhance the kids learning experience without breaking the bank. 🙂

Here are some photos of our purchases.

For more of my favorite home schooling resources, click HERE.

Happy Home Schooling!

One thought on “A Science Resource

  1. Anonymous says:

    How did you do the lettering for the labels on your photo of the litmus paper, etc.?


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