I recently attended a gathering with my husband (NO kids, if you can believe it.) where neither of us knew many people. As we mingled, my husband would approach various people and introduce himself. I waited, awkwardly, for him to introduce me, as well. He never did. I stood, shifting from one foot to other, gazing around the crowd, feeling invisible. We found a person we knew, and they introduced a friend of theirs to my husband, but not to me. Again, I wondered, “Am I invisible?” I started to ask someone, but when they looked right through me, I got my answer. (just kidding!)

At this point in our lives, my husband must attend many functions without me. We now have five children, one of whom is a newborn. I cannot be on his arm (though I LOVE being on his arm) as often as I would like. Since I’m not with him much, he isn’t used to having me there to “introduce” me. I was not angry at him about this, but instead, I felt sad. I felt unwanted and unnoticed. You see, I really am in great demand, but only within these four walls. I suppose that’s why I love blogging, e-mail, and facebook. Through those venues, I can reach out and touch other ladies who are in this same stage of life that I am, and receive encouragement from them. I hope I can give them some as well.

I had to leave this meeting before my husband did so I could get back to my children. As I left, I pondered my “invisibility.” A verse came to mind that helped me put it into perspective. Jeremiah 45:5a says  And seekest thou great things for thyself? seek them not:… While wanting to be introduced isn’t necessarily seeking a “great” thing, desiring attention, or feeling that I’m important enough to be noticed, is. I shouldn’t have felt badly about being “invisible”. God sees me, and He loves me. He is constantly answering my prayers, speaking to me through His word and the Holy Spirit, and sending blessings my way. He is all I need. I should not have been concerned about “being introduced” or being noticed, ever! Yet, as a greedy, sinful human being, I tend to get that way. 

I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit’s reminder of what really matters: it isn’t me, it’s Him.


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