One chilly, sleepless night in February, I found myself searching the internet for various items. I looked at homeschooling materials and websites, I read blogs, and I browsed for baby bedding for our bundle of boy on the way. I didn’t expect to find anything – but I did. I was looking for something cowboy/western, because our baby would, at some point, be sharing a room with his big brother. Mitch’s room is done in a cowboy theme, thanks to my extremely talented mother-in-law, who sews beautifully! The only problem with the bedding I found was the price! It was way out of my league. I bookmarked the page and decided to wait and pray.

Well, months passed. The bedding dropped in price by about $50. I thought I might be able to get it if I waited for a coupon. I got the coupon but the bedding went back up in price! This continued for months. Finally, a few weeks ago, the bedding went down in price more than it ever had AND I had a coupon! I got the bedding for 50% off its original price!! *happy dance*

It took it over two weeks to get here, but, after waiting 8 months, I finally got it! And, I must say, I was very impressed with the quality. It is very well made and very beautiful. We set Matthew’s crib up in Mitchell’s room and put up the bedding. Matthew still sleeps in the bassinet mostly, but soon he will be graduating into Mitch’s room. Here are a few pictures.

We couldn’t decide if the pictures on the bumper pad faced inside the crib or outside! The kids said they should face inside, so Matthew could look at them. I liked that idea. 🙂
We all loved this beautiful comforter! It has different textures of fabric on it and is so plush! My Granddad Leonard was right – you get what you pay for! 😉 (He’d be so proud that I got it marked down, too!)
Leslie loved helping me set it all up. 🙂
We couldn’t wait to see if he liked it! I think he does!
He likes it! Or, maybe it’s all of us he likes. 😉
Matthew’s blessed to have a big brother who loves him and watches out for him. 
I took a little video of Matthew in his new bed. Hope you like it! 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Matthew’s New Bed

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it!!!!



  2. Anonymous says:

    It looks so nice! What a blessing to get it at a bargain price!


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