We have had a very busy and full week! Just today, the weather has turned more “autumn like” after about a week of very balmy temperatures. In our neck of the woods, autumn is in her full glory. As a candle flares up right before it burns out completely, so is autumn’s splendor. The color is brilliant right now, but in a few days, the trees will be bare and the earth covered in a blanket of  leaves. We are enjoying these last days of rich, fall color. I am looking forward to snuggling under a blanket for our family read aloud time, sipping hot cocoa with my kiddos and making the soups and stews that I’ve come to identify with this time of year.
Here are a few photos of our week. Hope you have had a happy and productive week, as well! 🙂
My oldest girl, cuddling her baby brother. She is such a blessing to her Mom! =)
 Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of getting to visit with my Mom as well as my Aunt from Phoenix. Our 60 and 70 degree weather felt quite cool to her! 🙂 
I was so happy she got to meet our newest boy, Matthew Ron, who is named after my dad and her brother, Ron. I only wish we could have chatted longer. We had to meet at a restaurant, so the visit was quick. 
 Monday greeted me with a leak! The line that feeds our ice maker sprang a leak, and water got all over the pantry floor!
I stood and emptied cups into this bucket as they filled up, while my husband went to the hardware store to get the right parts. I’m so thankful I married “Mr. Fix-It”! 
Today, my kids experience an early taste of Christmas! My very talented mother-in-law sent us a huge box of clothes! My children were elated!! Laci wore about three different outfits yesterday! lol! 
Laci loves these “Dora the Explorer” slippers!
Leslie wore these boots all day! 🙂
Lauren was so happy that Grandma made her FOUR pairs of culottes – with POCKETS! She had outgrown, and worn out, her previous ones and I’d had to retire them just a few days before these arrived. The Lord met our need, and His timing is just right! I’m so thankful for my Mother-in-law’s talent, love and generosity! 
My mother-in-law has made quilts for each of our children – and this is the latest one! Isn’t it so cute?? The little teddy bears’ heads are puffed up with filling (or batting? You know what I mean! lol!). It’s so precious!
Each of the kids’ quilts has their name and birth information on them some way. This says “Matthew Ron Basham   7-14-2010    8lbs. 3oz.   20.5 in.”
Terry was able to kill a deer today, too! It was the biggest one he’s ever gotten! I’m so blessed to be married to a real man. 😉
I’m not big on blood – therefore, I’m thankful that he skins and chops up his own deer. 🙂

What a blessing to have meat for the winter. 
This is the little maple in our side yard. I just love the way it changes color. 
Wishing you all the joys of autumn!


One thought on “Cuddles, Quilts, and Autumn Colors

  1. Dixie says:

    Lauren is so tall. I can see why she is out growing her culottes.


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