I am just now getting some pics posted of our Thanksgiving week. We were able to take the whole week off of school and spend three days in Benton visiting my family there. My brother from Florida was there for a week with his family, my sister came in from North Carolina, and my Mom was there, which came in very handy since we were all at her house! lol! We were able to go to Batesville to spend time with my Aunts & Uncles there. It was a wonderful week with my family. For more details about exactly why it was so wonderful, please go HERE. 🙂
And now, here are the pics! 
Lauren drew this cute “life size” man!
My girl is ironing!! YAY! What a blessing! I’m so proud of her. The best part is that she wants to do this. 

My favorite “M&Ms” 🙂
My sweetie and my Uncle Bobby visiting at my Uncle Gary’s house. Matthew is just hanging out. 🙂
This the room where we ate. My Aunt and Uncle added this room on to their house about 7 years ago. I think my Aunt Linda is a superb decorator! She also cooked some wonderful food, for which my sister, sister-in-law and I got the recipes. When I make them, I’ll let you know. It was all SO tasty!
Lauren with her “bestie” for the week, her cousin Ashley from Florida. She really enjoyed getting to play with her for the week. I hate that we only see them once a year.

Last, but not least, Leslie lost her first tooth that week. My third child to begin losing teeth. It’s kinda bittersweet. 
How was your Thanksgiving? I’d love to hear about it…or about your weather…or about the price of tea in China…anything. It’s getting lonely around here. 😉
Waiting on the edge of my seat for a response, 


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