Our sweet church people worked on several projects during our church workday last Saturday. They did some painting, laid some baseboard, repaired odds and ends and weeded the flower beds. We also raked up piles and piles of pine needles. Well, “we” doesn’t include me exactly. My contribution was two crockpots of chili, some crackers and a pan of brownies for the workers. 🙂 And, fortunately for them, they didn’t have to actually rake the pine needles, they used a sweeper attachment for a riding lawn mower. What a blessing, especially since we live in the timberland region of our fair state and pine trees are over abundant!

Anyway, our city has a gigantic vacuum cleaner that will come suck away all of the pine needles, all we have to do is pile them by the road. We are still waiting for the truck to come by, so, in the meantime, my kids had a little fun…building forts!

 Lauren inside her fort…my she’s getting tall! *sniff sniff*
 She had so much fun!
 Mitchell and neighbor enjoying the fort they built together.
 The whole, fort-building crew…I forget what they are saying here. Sorry. 
Laci, hamming it up for the camera. She built a fort, too, but didn’t want me to photograph it! She’s crazy. 🙂

The kids are holding their “forts” and my hubby and I are holding ours, too. We’re holding to the Lord during very trying times. Disasters are occurring daily, our economy is teetering on the brink, and fear rules the hearts of many. Satan has had a fun time prying apart the “fort” of our church. We have lost people and the financial resources they represent. In the midst of this, however, there is a peace and a sweet spirit that only comes from obeying the Lord and claiming His promises. We are holding the fort, but we do not hold it alone. He has a very tight grasp and will not let us go.

Keep holding on,

4 thoughts on “Hold the Fort!

  1. Tori says:

    That's a really cute post. Your kiddos are getting so big.
    We must be somewhere near the last days to have all this chaos going on in our world. Isn't the Japanese disaster the most saddening thing. I can't watch the news without crying for those poor people.
    Anyhow, loved the post and the nice spring look on your blog is great!!


  2. Pat says:

    Loved this post, reminded me of being home and growing up, my brothers and I always used the straw to make our houses, forts everything, sweet memories. Your kids look like they were having so much fun. I agree the times today are scary but not so if you follow God and know one of these days sooner than later He is coming to get us out of the mess. We just need to work really hard to take more with us.


  3. Susan says:

    We have to “hold the fort” so often in the ministry! I'm so glad that He holds us, especially during these days of chaos.

    I see on your sidebar list of people who have “liked” your blog on Facebook quite a few people that I know, including one of the members of our church! We must have some connections somewhere that I've missed!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I loved seeing the forts! The children are getting so big, and Lauren and Laci have much longer hair than the last time I saw them.


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