Jude 22 And some have compassion, making a difference.

As I was leaving the store the other day, a woman walking in caught my eye. She was tall and slender, wearing jeans and a denim jacket. Her arms were crossed as she walked in, and at first glance, I thought she was crying. I took a second look and saw that it was just a trick of my eyes. I noticed she looked tired. She looked lonely.

I wanted to stop her and speak to her, but what would I say? I had a cart overflowing with groceries and a talkative four year old with me. I asked the Lord right there, “What should I do?” I didn’t really get an answer, so I kept walking.

I immediately felt convicted about the fact that so often, I don’t really notice those around me. I go to the store, get my stuff and go home. I’m friendly to those I interact with, but I don’t really try to give them the Gospel. I only think of my family, my problems, my needs. I guess you could say I have “tunnel vision”. I was ashamed that I wasn’t prepared to talk to her, or anyone else for that matter, about the hope that is within me. (1 Peter 3:15)

I haven’t forgotten that woman. She is only one of many in my town who are hurting, tired, or lonely – or all three! How am I going to change things? What can I do? I can reach more people with the message of the dear Savior. I need to be-friend more people in real life, not just on facebook. I need to show the compassion of my Savior. I need to introduce them to my Best Friend and the answer to their pain, fatigue and loneliness – Jesus!

I’m thankful for this woman, whomever she was, for waking me up from this serious case of tunnel vision. I pray for strength and courage to do more to reach those who are, literally, all around me in need of the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Tunnel Vision

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are so right. We are surrounded by hurting people; we need to be soul conscious. I need to be soul conscious. I have GOOD NEWS to share!
    Love you,


  2. Kate says:

    How many times this has happened to me as well 😦 I'm ashamed to admit it. Thank you for the wake up call!!! I needed to read this today!


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